About Val

Hi, my name is Val, and I am a skilled pasta maker born and raised in Chicago. During the pandemic I moved to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. I fell in love with Italian food working for some of the best chefs in reputable restaurants of Chicago and eventually made my way to living in Florence to study food and wine. I am proud to create excellent fresh pasta from scratch using only the best ingredients available. I source fresh milled organic flour from Great River Milling in Wisconsin and fresh eggs from Yuppie Hill Poultry.

As a passionate pasta maker, I am dedicated to creating exceptional dishes using traditional handmade techniques. I am committed to providing my customers with pasta that is not only delicious but also wholesome and nutritious.

For now, I sell my pasta locally, but I have ambitious plans to expand into new territories in the near future. My goal is to share my love of Italian cuisine with as many people as possible, and I am excited to bring my pasta to new audiences.

Whether you are a pasta enthusiast or simply someone who appreciates good food, I invite you to try my handmade pasta. With every dish, you can taste the love and care that I put into my cooking, and I am confident that you will enjoy every bite.