Welcome to Our Organic infused Pasta Revolution!

Pasta is a delicious blank canvas that allows you to create flavorful and nutritious meals with endless options.


Pasta Infusions:

  • Explosive Flavors: Elevate your meals with Pasta Infusions – pasta infused with unique, bold flavors for a gourmet taste experience.
  • Time-Saving Luxury: Enjoy gourmet meals without the hassle. Pasta Infusions save you time by delivering complex flavors without the need for elaborate cooking.
  • Versatility Unleashed: A versatile kitchen essential, Pasta Infusions provide a perfect base for a variety of dishes, allowing you to get creative with your cooking effortlessly.
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Pasta Shapes

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Val has been crafting delightfully tasteful pastas for over 10 ten years

Superior Taste & Texture:

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Denise Valdez
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Frequently Asked Questions

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Boil fresh homemade pasta for 1-3 minutes for that ideal al dente texture. Test it by biting—firm yet tender is the goal

Absolutely! Allow fresh homemade pasta to dry for 30 minutes, then store in an airtight container or freeze for later use. Boil directly from frozen or refrigerated.

When cooking, use a pot with salted boiling water, stir immediately upon adding, and consider adding a dash of oil to prevent sticking.

All of the ingredients we use are USDA Organic & Non GMO.